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Plum, Pear & Mixed Spiced Cordial - The Oldest Sweet Shop In The World

Plum, Pear & Mixed Spiced Cordial

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500ml Bottle

A delicious warming winter drink with a velvety finish.

Dilute with still or sparkling water or for a Healthy alternative to a caffeine based Hot Beverage, simply dilute Mr Fitzpatrick’s Plum, Pear & Mixed Spice Winter Warmer with Hot Water for something a little different. Kick back and relax, perfect any time - day or night !

Try these great festive ideas

Hot Tod Teas
Take your favourite Tea, add Boiling water and a splash of Mr Fitz Winter Warmer for a soothing Spicy Brew

Spicy Mulled Cider
Splash Mr Fitz Winter Warmer into your favourite Cider for a delicious alternative to your usual Regular or Flavoured Cider...perfect for the Winter months

Mulled Guinness
Forget Guinness and Black and give yourself a Spicy Treat with Mr Fitz Winter Warmer instead...tall, dark and spicy...just how we like it !

Spicy Sangria
Mix Mr Fitz Winter Warmer with Red Wine, Shot of Brandy, Ginger Beer and Fruit for the perfect Spicy Sangria, who needs the Summer when you have this beautiful Winter Wonder !

Christmas Punch
Blend Mr Fitz Winter Warmer with Spiced Rum and Ginger Ale and a cheeky shot of Whisky for the perfect but potent Christmas Tipple

Rio Spice
Ariba Ariba...Mix Mr Fitz Winter Warmer with Brazilian Cachaca, Ginger Beer and Stir with a fresh Chilli will get your Party Started !

Shoo Flu Cocktail
For an alternative to the Classic Hot Toddy, blend Mr Fitz Winter Warmer with a shot of Bourbon and Ginger Ale, warm in a Microwave and stir with a stick of Cinnamon.

Mr Fitzpatrick's old fashioned drink - Plum, Pear & Mixed Spiced Cordial In 19th Century North England, bars selling non alcoholic beverages were common. These bars quite often asked their patrons to sign a pledge of Temperance, meaning that they would abstain from intoxicating liquors! Just add still or sparkling water to this cordial (or drink hot!) to relive the taste of yesteryear of this old fashioned drink!